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When I first started my full-time practice I felt lost and scared I was going to be terrible, but I was also excited to finally be doing something that was meaningful to me. If you're anything like I was in the beginning, then you're wondering...

Do I need to spend more money on business trainings just to get my business off the ground?

What if I don't have a plan and I just follow the next shiny idea I have?

I don't even know how to get clients, I'm on Facebook and Instagram, what am I missing?

I feel like I work all day on my practice but only have a couple clients to show for it.

Everyone tells me I can make 6-figures but how and when? Who else is struggling with this?

I am passionate about what I do but how do I actually share what I do? 

Everyone seems to know what they're doing in business but me.


Who is The Practice Community for?

You're a heart-driven practitioner

The Practice is for practitioners who wear their heart on their sleeve. You are heart-driven and feel called to service. 

You make less than $120,000/year

This community is full of heart-driven practitioners who are pretty new to this work. You are just getting started and haven't grown your income beyond $120,000/year yet.

You want a successful business 

You want a full-time business or private practice and this is a skill not organically known. You want your hard work to pay off and to fill your practice. 

You're new to your practice

You've answered your calling and are now a service business but you're pretty new to it. You've been in business for less than 5 years.

"Andrea, when I said shifting my payment structure had helped I meant it COMPLETELY TRANSFORMED (so far, tripled) my income.  I've made my entire 2016 income in the first 4 months of this year.  Thank you for all your gentle wake up calls to practice deeper integrity in my work and my client billing.  It was really scary to transition to a different method of billing when I did it, and now I only wish I had aligned with this sooner.  Thanks a million for all your help in making this happen!"

 - Gina Senarighi, Practice Member

“Thank you for prompting us with your posts to time after time (re)establish and clarify our core values and beliefs. I know that the questions you put to us and the experiences you share w/ us inspire me to make my path clearer.” 

 - Willem Jan van den Eijkhof, Practice Member

What do you get in the community?

Instant community & connection

Join practitioners dedicated to being heart-centered in their business from all over the world. Your community includes daily connection, a private forum to ask anything you want, free courses, and more.

Practice Corner Podcast

Every month I interview a full-time business owner for our community-only podcast. Meet practitioners from different corners of our industry who are succeeding.

Member-Only Perks

Every month get free articles, resources, and even mini-courses. Sign up for monthly master classes and free trainings, all my gift to you. 

Practice Community App 

The Awakened Coach is hosted by Mighty Networks. Download the free app and take your free membership with you. Available on iOS and Android.

Simple Business Help

As a member, you get behind-the-scenes access to how I run my coaching practice. Learn what works, what doesn't, and ask any question you've ever wanted to know about running a successful private practice.

Open Q&A

Our Q&A forum is open all the time! Pop in an ask me and our community anything about your business. Anything goes!

“Thanks for always doing an amazing job and helping me think outside the box and challenging me to dig deeper - both with my business and the content I'm sharing!” 

- Lisa Brouwer, Practice Member

"Thank you so so much for your ongoing perspective, wisdom, and guidance!"

- Marli Williams, Practice Member

"I so appreciate your foundation of generosity — building it into all you do and all the ways you show up. It is a truly inspiring model, one I wish we saw more of in the coaching industry (and hell, in all industries!). I just want to say again how motivated I am by your methods. I am learning so much from watching you lift up your community."

- Anya Hankin, Practice Member

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